Legaré furniture is packed with remarkable innovations that you simply won't find in other modular furniture. Exclusive tool-free assembly, incredibly strong locking tab/slot design, integrated cable routing and many other forward-thinking user features, are just a few of the innovations you'll find in every piece of Legare furniture.


You will be amazed with our exclusive tool-free assembly!

Unlike other so-called "ready-to-assemble" (RTA) furniture that's really 

"difficult-to-assemble," Legaré furniture is truly Fun To Assemble™.

All Legaré panels use an exclusive locking design, so there are no screw holes to line up, small hardware pieces to lose or complicated instruction steps to follow. Assembly is fun, fast and simple


Don't be deceived by the ease of assembly. Each successive piece locks previous pieces into place so they won't come apart until you take them apart.

Modular design allows you to lock multiple units together to form a single, rigid workspace. Legaré units can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly without damage, unlike other RTA furniture.

Our furniture is sturdy and strong. Did we already say that? Well, to prove our point, we performed quite an amazing test at Entela Labs. We managed to load an incredible 2000 pounds (one ton) of shot bags and weights on our original Legare Signature (Baltic birch) Corner Desk with no structural damage!


Versatile, symmetrical design allows most all Legaré desks, extenders & media towers to be reverse-configured for right hand or left hand installation. This is especially useful for doubling the life of a worksurface. An unfortunate scratch or scrape is remedied by simply flipping the assembly for a completely new desktop.

Adjustable shelving under the worksurfaces.

Route your cables through large 3 1/2" openings in the desk tops, through the backs of all shelves and through vertical supports between all components.

Short risers on the backs of worksurfaces hide cables and desk clutter from view.


Is Legaré Sustainable? Our furniture is constructed of the finest Moso Bamboo plywood sourced only from FSC Certified mills. The use of bamboo plys is important not only for strength, but also because of the efficient use of bamboo stalks and low VOC emission adhesives used in its manufacture. The material is then finished in a very eco-friendly, carbonizing process, which gives our furniture its beautiful golden amber color. 

The FSC Certification means that only legally harvested bamboo is used in production - no bamboo from ecologically significant, socially valuable, specially protected or uncontrolled groves is allowed.