"I've been meaning to drop you a line to tell you how happy I am with the two Legare desks that I recently purchased. They are everything you promised they would be, and more. I had almost given up on ever finding the perfect set-up that would accommodate my home office needs, and I was getting close to compromising on one of the cheap, flimsy, laminate products at a local office supply store. Sure am glad I found your website." -Kelly C.

"Your furniture is great! Truly easy to assemble as you said it would be... Everything I was hoping for, and more than I expected." -Gary G.

"I am very happy with my purchase and am very willing to be a solid reference for you. Keep up the good work!" -Rod R.

"I looked at so many websites for office furniture, and only yours gave me the flexibility that I needed. I have been searching for a while (weeks) and was very happy when I finally got to yours. I really like your concept as well. No tools, flexibility and smart design. And quick delivery too - all at an affordable price." -Albert D.

"...I have no objection to you sending my email address to your potential customer. This is the best office furniture I have ever purchased and I highly recommend it to anyone." -Rick C. 

"You were right about the ease of putting the desk together. It is beautiful wood. Don't laugh, but I just did a "feng shui" consultation to my house. She suggested I get a "kidney-shaped desk". So I got on the internet and looked for a "kidney-shaped desk" phrase on Google. Nothing came up that I liked (or could afford) so I started looking at the ads on the right side of the google screen and clicked on yours. The pictures on your web site sold me. I wanted a desk that was curved and yours fit the bill. I finally made room for it (got rid of my old desk) and it looks great! If anyone I know is looking for a desk I will definitely let them know about this product. It is very ingenious and sturdy as well as beautiful." -Lisa R.

"I received my desk today and WOW. I love it! It took me longer to unpack it than it did to assemble it. What a joy! And I'm very pleased with the quality. Thank you so much. It's wonderful to know that one can still get what one pays for." -Allison

"You can give them my name and number. I would be more than happy to tell them how happy we are with your desks." -Noelle T.

"I received the table on Wednesday and assembled it the same day in about 5 minutes. Must say, it's quite amazing. Love it!" -Jay C.

"I received the desk today... and I definitely agree with the other comments! Very attractive, quite sturdy, assembled _very_ easily. Nice product. I'd certainly recommend it to anyone looking to buy office furniture." -Jennifer L.

"I just thought that I would send a quick note to you. I received my desk today, and you were right --- I Love it!!! Thank you." -Justin & Cara H.

"Thanks for the help. It is an incredible desk. It only took a few minutes and my daughter loves it. Thanks again." -Scott M.

"We are thrilled with the furniture. The product is very high quality far beyond our expectations. The furniture was delivered within four days. We could not be happier with our purchase. Thanks again for a great product and a great online experience." -Walter C.

"I received the furniture yesterday afternoon, just three days after I placed the order. I'm more than impressed. The furniture is wonderful and I really like it. The furniture was simple to assemble and directions easy to understand. I wish to thank you and the rest of the staff for the excellent service and quality product. I'll be sure to recommend your products to my friends and business associates." -Lou M.

"Your furniture is terrific, it went together as stated and the finishes and quality are great, especially for the price. Everyone I have dealt with has been very friendly and helpful, from CEO to ordering to dock delivery. I will certainly recommend your company to acquaintances and personally plan to buy more from you in the future." -Chris

"I wanted to write again and tell you how completely pleased I am with the desk, extender, and filing units that I ordered a few months ago. The furniture is as easy to assemble as you claim and solid and remarkably substantial. Because of its ease of assembly and disassembly, I have reconfigured my desk in different ways to take the most advantage of the space, something impossible with other desks. My daughter came to visit and she now will be ordering a desk and bookshelves - living in a loft with a spiral stair to her rooms, this furniture is easy to carry up and install where a traditional desk would be a nightmare. Thank you for a unique, attractive and quality product. To boot, your customer service was exceptional." -Gary

"We love our new Legaré furniture! It fits the room perfectly. We love the curved lines and the beautiful simplicity of the design. The value is great for the price. It was so easy to put together. Thank you so very much for functional art that we can work on every day!" -Sherry

"Hi, I just want to say "Thank You!" for the beautiful work of art you call office furniture. We received them yesterday and set them up very quickly. They are very beautiful, very smooth, and they blend right in with my home office decor of tall plants. I'm so happy to have found you, and I will definitely spread the word about you among my friends and colleagues who are also looking to harmonize their office space with their furniture." -S.B.

"I just received one of your desks, an accessory shelf, and an accessory side shelf. It was just as easy as your website said it would be to assemble. Once everything was unboxed, it took less than 5 minutes to put together. Even when I assembled the shelves wrong, it was so easy to take it all apart and fix it. Later, I reconfigured the shelves to make it work better and that was quick too. When my dad saw the desk, he was very impressed and said that it was the most solid and unique wood product he had ever seen. Thank you for making such a unique and truly easy-to-assemble product. No glue, nail, or screws makes for quick setup and immediate satisfaction that doesn't take all day to attain. YOU ROCK!!!!" -Nancy

 "I had been looking for a nice corner desk NOT made of the usual crap particle board. Many screws and dowels make a desk flimsy I have found. The LEGARE products fit together like a simple genius puzzle. Product was shipped to me FAST and I was blown away that the shippers brought it into my house! Assembly was easy except for 1 difficult thing: ME! I wanted the long part of desk to be right side but assembly looked Left side long. NICE thing about this desk is you can mirror it. Flip the parts so they go left OR right! GENIUS! Both sides work same way! I thought they had shipped wrong size shelf BUT you have to make sure you flip things the correct way. DUH! I like this desk so much have not put anything on it. Furniture by Legare is ART. It all fits so RIGHT! Mentally it just sits good in your home and MIND. I would like to thank the other reviewer Meghan for her nice photo of her desk and her fine Review. This desk may seem expensive but it is worth it. I work with wood and THIS product LOOKS more like real natural wood than any I have ever seen. Thanks Amazon, Legare and Ceva (shipping company) for a wonderful purchasing experience and desk ;-)"  -Scott